StreetTalk.com.au was an idea born out the fact that I wanted to re-connect with my local community, but struggled with how I might do this working long hours at a job in the city.

When I was a kid growing up in Randwick, I would often play with the neighbour's kids, meet a mate down the street to kick the footy, or to ride our skateboards. I would wash neighbour's cars and mow lawns to earn extra pocket money. My parents would talk to their neighbours, borrow milk, ask each other for favours, and rely on each other to keep an eye out for the community.

Fast forward to 2012, I am a 35 year old bachelor living in Paddington. I have met 2 people on my street. I have two dogs who are walked by an English girl living in Willoughby, a house that is cleaned by a lovely woman from Earlwood, a car I wash when I get the time on a weekend and a backyard to keep under control. I have a number of chores that require me to go back and forth to the hardware store, and spend time searching the internet to find the right person for the job, typically none of whom live close by. My sister has two children, a number of toys she could pass on to other locals, and is regularly looking for local babysitters. She often takes her kids a few suburbs away to play at a community centre because she doesn't know the local parents and children.

With faster, busier lifestyles than ever before I realised that we were missing the community connection we likely all had as children. As an adult, I now wanted to connect with others on my street, find out whether we could assist one another through the sharing of common resources, helping to find local tradespeople, local child-minding or to keep up connections with one other to promote a safer community.

StreetTalk.com.au was born. I hope it provides you with a great way to connect with others on your street on your time, and promote safer more vibrant communities.